UNSEEN is a collaboration between Blur Projects and the Women Electoral Lobby NSW, which gives voice to the faces behind the statistics of women’s homelessness. The UNSEEN project advocates for improved policy, greater prioritisation and better program responses in the provision of social housing and services to women experiencing homelessness and  housing insecurity. UNSEEN is part of the Women’s Electoral Lobby Women Ageing Well Campaign and the City of Sydney’s CBD Activation Grants Program.

Becoming a sponsor  will help to realise the potential of UNSEEN to provide a platform for the hidden voices of women experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity to reveal who becomes homeless and why. This in turn, raises awareness driving change in social attitudes, political will and policy improvement. Project sponsors, major donors and collaborators are able to promote their support of the UNSEEN Project and the Women’s Electoral Lobby campaign Women Ageing Well through their communications networks with the objective of amplifying the women’s voices, and their experience of housing insecurity and homelessness.

If you would like sponsor an event or activity held at the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House or UNSEEN Chrome Car, please contact Belinda Mason on 0414787788 or email photography@belindamason.com

Artists Profile and Primary Communications are the key media partners for the UNSEEN project and can provide access to media release content.

The logos of sponsors, major donors and collaborators will be acknowledged on collateral documentation, UNSEEN website and on the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House and UNSEEN Chrome Car as seen below.

Thank you to the people, organisations and corporations who have provided in kind support to the UNSEEN Project
  • The participants of the UNSEEN project, Noor, Nadeena, Fiona, Emily, Lani, Amy, Teora, Jai, Michelle and Susan
  • City of Sydney for their support of the project
  • Women’s Electoral Lobby for the many volunteers who gave their time to answer questions from the public about women’s homelessness.
  • Soroptimist for the many volunteers who gave their time to answer questions from the public about women’s homelessness.
  • Auto Skin sponsorship of production of the UNSEEN Chrome Car art installation
  • AccessMySuper for their financial support of the UNSEEN Chrome Car
  • Code Green for their financial support and design of the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House
  • Primary Communications for securing amazing mainstream coverage of the events
  • Artist Profile and Art Almanac magazines for their articles and social media support
  • Bonnie Support Services for supporting Noor to participate
  • Homelessness NSW for supporting Lani, Teora and Nadeena to participate
  • Homelessness in Focus for supporting Michelle and Jai to participate
  • Women’s Housing NSW for supporting Amy, Fiona, Susan and Emily to participate
  • Share the Dignity for providing the wonderful gift bags for all the women who participated
  • DV West, Haymarket Foundation, DV NSW, Namaste and Older Womens Network for sharing information about the project
  • Simpsons Lawyers for supporting the project
  • Martin Vosatka for his graphic design talents
  • Spark Homes for building the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House
  • AWS for supplying all the windows for the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House