The UNSEEN multimedia arts project is a collaboration between Blur Projects and the Women Electoral Lobby NSW, which gives voice to the faces behind the statistics of women’s homelessness.   During one week of each month between March and December 2021, the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House and UNSEEN Chrome Car will be positioned in a variety of locations across the Sydney CBD to act as the central hub for public engagement in the topic of women’s housing insecurity and homelessness. UNSEEN offers women who have, or are experiencing homelessness, an opportunity to engage as artists, protagonists and advocates to generate greater public awareness of the impact homelessness has had or is having on their lives. By sharing their stories, the women provide a first-hand insight into the diversity of who finds themselves homeless and why. The purpose of UNSEEN is to ensure the voices of women who have, or are experiencing homelessness are included in conversations which can inform and improve social policy.


The visibility of women experiencing homelessness in our community is hidden as a result of linked factors including the historical association of homelessness with older alcoholic men, combined with the need of women experiencing homelessness to avoid stigma and maintain a sense of independence; fear and concern for safety; and an expectation that service contact will not satisfactorily resolve their situation. Often this is done to protect their pride and themselves from further discriminatory treatment. As a result, while some women do approach homeless support services, many stay under the radar and have little or no involvement with services. Unless the women who have or who are experiencing homelessness have the opportunity to stand up and speak out, the community cannot be afforded the opportunity to understand the nature and scale of this problem. Removing this barrier is the objective of the UNSEEN multi-media project.

Thank you to the people, organisations and corporations who have provided kin kind support to the UNSEEN Project
  • The March 2020 participants  of the UNSEEN project, Noor, Nadeena, Fiona, Emily, Lani, Amy, Teora, Jai, Michelle and Susan
  • City of Sydney for their support of the project
  • Women’s Electoral Lobby for the many volunteers who gave their time to answer questions from the public about women’s homelessness.
  • Soroptimist for the many volunteers who gave their time to answer questions from the public about women’s homelessness.
  • Auto Skin sponsorship of production of the UNSEEN Chrome Car art installation
  • AccessMySuper for their financial support of the UNSEEN Chrome Car
  • Code Green for their financial support and design of the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House
  • Primary Communications for securing amazing mainstream coverage of the events
  • Artist Profile and Art Almanac magazines for their articles and social media support
  • Bonnie Support Services for supporting Noor to participate
  • Homelessness NSW for supporting Lani, Teora and Nadeena to participate
  • Homelessness in Focus for supporting Michelle and Jai to participate
  • Women’s Housing NSW for supporting Amy, Fiona, Susan and Emily to participate
  • Share the Dignity for providing the wonderful gift bags for all the women who participated
  • DV West, Haymarket Foundation, DV NSW, Namaste and Older Womens Network for sharing information about the project
  • Simpsons Lawyers for supporting the project
  • Martin Vosatka for his graphic design talents
  • Spark Homes for building the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House
  • AWS for supplying all the windows for the UNSEEN Chrome Tiny House