11 April 2021

Media and public responce

The QR code activated over 150 people to insist the website, while direct visits to the website through social and mainstream media brought another 1,728 people to visit the site with page views exceeding 15,000. The website has been updated with further information, so feel free to look at the videos and images from both the March and April activations.The media engagement of the UNSEEN project during April activation reached approximately 29.6 million people.

8 March International Women’s Day 2021

Media and public response

The first week of the UNSEEN project was a resounding success. The UNSEEN Chrome Car was positioned at Circular Quay, Sydney between 8 -14 Match 2021. Over 8 million people read the article by journalist Freya Noble which was published on 8 March 2021 to coincide with the launch of UNSEEN on International Women’s Day. The UNSEEN website had 6,500 page views that same day. The location of the UNSEEN Chrome Car, which sees traffic from the light rail, ferry and train stations, saw 300 people engage with the project daily and the QR code  activated 118 times.


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