‘Unseen, Unsilenced, Unheard we are fighting for the right to be heard.
Homeless, carrying pain with the meagre few belongings left in this world. awash by sadness, tears, hopes and small joys.

Unseen, unhoused and unloved. Heartache, disappointment and misery my only companions as I journey endlessly in these crowded busy streets empty of kindness ad compassion. I am unseen broken and alone dreaming dreams of a safe home.

Unseen, unsilenced unheard, I bring you my spoke work that I will fight for you and with you. I will pull the curtains back from your eyes that have grown blind from their own ignorance, prejudice and fear.

Unseen, unspoken, unheard we are all the Unseen of this world.

I dedicate this poem to all my Unseen homeless women’


– Dr Sonia Pearce on behalf of Teora and Breaking Silent Codes