On the couch with Jai: ‘Thankfulness’

UNSEEN participant Jai experienced homelessness as a young adult. Her uplifting podcast, ‘Thankfulness’ will provide others an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to those who helped them through difficult times. Supported by Blur Projects and the City of Sydney, Jai’s podcast was made with the assistance of sound engineer Dieter Knierim and sound editor Jenny Kapp, professionals with disability who have already delivered outstanding outcomes to UNSEEN. Jai’s podcast was launched on International Women’s Day 8 March 2022 at Redfern Community Centre. 

My concept is to create a podcast – “Thankfulness”, which opens up the conversations around social justice; primarily with people affected by homelessness, mental ill-health and women. This includes those with lived experience and people who work and support them. I want to explore the idea of thankfulness as opposed to gratitude, which can be difficult to reflect on when we are struggling. Sharing a positive memory and saying thank you to anyone who may have been part of that experience has helped me feel that I can give, when I have little of my own to contribute. This podcast will be my opportunity to give back to my community by allowing them to have a voice to share something positive that has happened for them and hopefully find some resilience through storytelling.’

– Jai Jaru

The narratives of older women seeking housing

Dini talks about the impact of listening to stories of older women with lived experience of homelessness, with policy and decision makers. Dini is the Ageing on the Edge Advocacy Lead for Housing for the Aged Action Group Inc.

What it takes to go from homeless to having a home

When it feels like everything, and everyone is against you as you work towards getting yourself together and housed it takes an incredible person to walk beside you as you make that journey. Lani, a proud First Nations Elder of the Wiradjuri Tribe, shares a bit about a special person who has done just that.

Changing the support systems for people impacted by homelessness

Mon Shares her passion to see change, in the support process to getting people off the streets, out of unsafe housing and into places they can call home.Mon is the Senior Aboriginal Project Officer at Homelessness NSW

Photography gives Terri meaning and a new way to look at life

Listen to how engaging with photography has helped Terri to get into life, talking with people and trying new things.

 The power of choice gives a person dignity

One conversation about clothes donations changes Carrie’s perspective on how people affected by homelessness feel when they are given clothes. And Carrie set out to change that approach.

When you’ve got people on your side

Jen talks about career change and the importance of having people believe in you.

What is unconditional love?

Unconditional love is something we all want. Sera talks about what this means to her. And also, how her grandmother’s passion for photography continues through her.

Mystery man helps Rochelle find her voice.

Rochelle, a proud First Nations Ngemba woman says thank you to a man she does not know, who has supported her to tell her story of survival – and take it all the way to the United Nations.

Growing up in the 1960s & 1970s as a young lesbian.

Fiona shares how she has battled internalised homophobia as she grew up. And pays tribute to some of the women who have supported her along the way.

Working harder, to prove and justify your place in the world.

Denise had three goals for the Paralympics, which she achieved. But she also talks about preparing for the reality of life with a disability.


Paula shares about a friendship that started on Microsoft teams, in the workplace and grew beyond.

Thankfulness in faith and blessings in life

Carmen shares about how her faith has kept her going, through the many hardships she has experienced in her life. And expresses thanks and gratitude to the many blessings she has received.

A tribute to my two mothers.

Annie talks about and says thank you to the two women in her life, she calls Mother. One is her birth mother and one is her Aboriginal adopted mother.

Deciding to leave an abusive relationship, paving the future. 

“You just don’t realise what someone says to you at a particular time can be a catalyst for change”. When Julie left her husband, kids in tow – she had no idea what to expect, but a conversation with another woman gave her the courage she needed. And now, Julie has been able to pay it forward in her local community.

The gift of an unspoken bond with a grandmother

Jenny speaks about her relationship with her grandmother and why older women have had such a significant impact in her life.

UNSEEN offers women who have, or are experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity the opportunity to share their stories.  The purpose of UNSEEN is to ensure the voices of women who have, or are experiencing homelessness are included in conversations which can inform and improve social policy.

This podcast provides a first-hand insight into the diversity of who finds themselves homeless and why. We hope you enjoy listening to the stories of the women. Episode one provides a taster of what is to come in the following episodes.