On the couch with Jai: ‘Thankfulness’

UNSEEN participant Jai experienced homelessness as a young adult. Her uplifting podcast, ‘Thankfulness’ will provide others an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to those who helped them through difficult times. Supported by Blur Projects and the City of Sydney, Jai’s podcast was made with the assistance of sound engineer Dieter Knierim and sound editor Jenny Kapp, professionals with disability who have already delivered outstanding outcomes to UNSEEN. Jai’s podcast was launched on International Women’s Day 8 March 2022 at Redfern Community Centre. 

My concept is to create a podcast – “Thankfulness”, which opens up the conversations around social justice; primarily with people affected by homelessness, mental ill-health and women. This includes those with lived experience and people who work and support them. I want to explore the idea of thankfulness as opposed to gratitude, which can be difficult to reflect on when we are struggling. Sharing a positive memory and saying thank you to anyone who may have been part of that experience has helped me feel that I can give, when I have little of my own to contribute. This podcast will be my opportunity to give back to my community by allowing them to have a voice to share something positive that has happened for them and hopefully find some resilience through storytelling.’

– Jai Jaru

Dini talks about the impact of listening to stories of older women with lived experience of homelessness, with policy and decision makers.

UNSEEN participant Evie shared her story with the the Terrible Happy Place podcast in episode #132 – EVIE: Nevertheless she persisted.

Evie says:

“This conversation is confronting, uncomfortable (at times), educational, and straight-up no bullshit. We discuss violence against women, social inequity, religious trauma and much much more. This might be one of the most profound podcasts and interviews I’ve ever recorded so buckle in. Please read the show notes before listening as there is a trigger warning.”

UNSEEN offers women who have, or are experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity the opportunity to share their stories.  The purpose of UNSEEN is to ensure the voices of women who have, or are experiencing homelessness are included in conversations which can inform and improve social policy.

This podcast provides a first-hand insight into the diversity of who finds themselves homeless and why. We hope you enjoy listening to the stories of the women. Episode one provides a taster of what is to come in the following episodes.