UNSEEN is multimedia project sharing the hidden experiences of women and homelessness. During one week of each month between March and December 2021, the UNSEEN tiny house, UNSEEN car and UNSEEN Couch positioned in a variety of locations across the Sydney CBD to act as the central hub for public engagement in the topic of women’s housing insecurity and homelessness. UNSEEN offers women who have, or are experiencing homelessness, to engage as artists, protagonists and advocates to generate greater public awareness of the impact homelessness has had or is having on their lives. By sharing their stories, the women provide a first-hand insight into the diversity of who finds themselves homeless and why. The purpose of UNSEEN is to ensure the voices of women who have, or are experiencing homelessness are included in conversations about which can inform and improve social policy.

To see dates times and locations of upcoming events, or review past events, go to our ‘Whats On and When’ page.

The UNSEEN car is wrapped in chrome which mirrors the hidden nature of their experiences of homelessness and housing insecurity. On each window are the in situ portraits of women who have experienced homelessness. The women, who are pictured seated life size inside the vehicle looking out at the audience, reflect the diversity of women experiencing homelessness. Each come from various socio-economic background, are a range of ages  and are from differing cultures. Chalked on the pavement, and surrounding the car, are  quotes from women pictured which give voice to their experiences of homelessness. We are looking for donations to support this activity, please donate HERE

Throughout 2021, the UNSEEN tiny house, will become invisible as it is slowly wrapped in chrome, inside and out. It will be furnished with clear furniture. In doing so, the UNSEEN tiny house highlights how the Australian housing market lacks affordable rental housing and the tightly targeted social housing with long waiting lists. We are looking for donations to support this activity, please donate HERE

UNSEEN couch recognises how women who experience housing insecurity often “couch surf’ between the homes of friends and family, hoping to not wear out their welcome. We are seeking donations to support the production of this artwork which will be used as the stage set for performances by the participants of the UNSEEN Project. We are looking for donations to support this activity, please donate HERE